yukon quest logo

I was tasked with designing a new logo for the Yukon Quest, a dog sled race in Alaska.
I began by looking on the race’s official website for some information about the race as well as looking into the area that the race takes place in. I found that the race puts an emphasis on the dogs, it has roots with mail carriers and gold prospectors, and the trail goes past rivers and mountains of the Yukon.

After the research, I began looking at some logos that utilized dogs (especially huskies, a common breed used for sled dogs), mountains, and trails. I used these references as jumping off points for my sketches.

After a peer review of my sketches, I moved from paper to Adobe Illustrator to hone in my concept.

After working in Illustrator, I came up with two possible logos for final iterations.

Design 1 Iteration 1

Design 2 Iteration 1

These two designs were also critiqued by my classmates and I made some final revisions to them, using both Illustrator and Photoshop.

After this final step, I now have two final iterations that I would consider possible to be the Yukon Quest’s new logo.

Design 1 Iteration 2

Design 2 Iteration 2